SUNDAY 24th November 2019

HaMeX - sign


Perhaps a slightly quieter show than previous years, but still a number of visitors through the doors


On special display was the rebuilt original London from Blake's 7 - rebuilt by the original builder - Simon Atkinson


[lt] Tony James of Timeless Hobbies, with helper Paul Groom, standing

[rt] Clive Davis, in red, chats with Steve Fletcher. Mamas Pitsillis on the far left

[lt] Bob Housden


[rt] newcomers Dave and Val Perry with a wide selection of aircraft kits. We hope to see them again

[lt] Nigel Perry

[rt] Mamas Pitsillis chats with James Gilbert of 3D printing specialist, Giblet Creations

[lt] Richard Green (back) and Steve Foster of Klassic Kits in contemplative mood

while [rt] Steve being slightly more boisterous...

[lt] Organiser Paul Fitzmaurice

[rt] Film Fangs - only Stu Carrier this time as colleague John Gozzard had to work!!

[lt] Andrew Rawlinson

[rt] Andy Haydon


[lt] New City Scale Model Club - Cris Simmonds in the background

[rt] Newcomer - as a seller - Andrew Frankle

[lt] Regulars Chris Mitchell and Richard Franks find something amusing!

[rt] Mark Peacock of Valiant Publications talks with regular visitors Paul and Carol Bradbury

Rikki Wolfe

[lt] Rikki Wolfe of Lost British Projects

[rt] Rikki with colleague Martyn Hutchinson of Millkits 3DPrinting


[lt] one of Martyn's 3D printers

[rt] Due in 2020 - a 1:48 Vulcan from Lost British Projects