SUNDAY 22nd August 2021

HaMeX 12 - banner
This show was always going to be a bit 'strange' as it was the first for 18 month
We tried to keep factors such as aisle space wider than normal and asked for mask to be worn where feasible. But pleased to say we packed in as many stands as we could - dealers and exhibitors, and many visitors turned up. Current estimates indicate at least 80


General shots - particularly showing the social distancing we tried to maintain


Lt : Colin Levy's stand, though no Colin

Rt : Tony James of Timeless Hobbies, with helper Paul Groom, far right

Lt : Tony Clayton, who was selling but also...

Rt : ...displaying some of his aircraft dioramas


Lt : Helen Hilliard of MoonCrest Models (right)

Rt : The MoonCrest Models' stand



Lt : The 'All Scale Modeller' group - with Mish Edwards, far left

Rt : Andrew Rawlinson's table - sans Andy...

Lt : John White's table with John, left - and Chris Mitchell - right

Rt : Stu Carrier of Film Fangs. John Gozzard was also there - but missed the pic!


Lt : Nick Allen of 'Beyond the Box' with - right - one of his new models - putting a tiger in your tank (if you are old enough to remember the commercial...)

Lt : The Small Hall, with Andy Spencer and Karyn Shields, at the back

Rt : Andy and the table of displays

Lt : Martyn Lawrence and his film posters

Rt : past winner of the Media Modelling completion - Paul Bradbury - with his re-built Frog Bloodhound


Lt : The Small Hall again, with Cris Simmons, right -

Rt : One of his display of 'Titanic approaching the Iceberg' (lettuce...)

Lt : Co-organiser Paul Fitzmaurice (centre) with Clive Davis, left and Dr John Sorrell - Chair of the Hall Trustees, right

Rt : Klassic Kits with Steve Foster and Richard Green


The K-9 Café reopens !




And the brand new 3 x 6 gazebo in case of inclement weather - which fortunately that day, there wasn't