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The Model Market 10
was held 26th November 2023

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TMM-10 The Model Market 10
was held
26th November 2023
TMM9-logo The Model Market 9
was held
26th November 2022
TMM8 The Model Market 8
was held
16th January 2022

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The Model Market 7
was held
26th January 2020
TMM6 The Model Market 6
was held
26th January 2019
TMM5 The Model Market 5
was held
4th February 2018
TMM4 The Model Market 4 was held
29th January 2017

The Model Market 3 was held
7th February 2016

TMM2 The Model Market 2 was held
1st February 2015

and the first
The Model Market was held
2nd February 2014

Opens :10.00am, (set up from 8.00am)
Official close : 4.00pm

All tables : £15.00 each
Clubs and individuals displaying : free!
pay via PayPal to:
Note - you do not have to have a PayPal account to use this system
Any queries, contact
- please put the name of the Show in the subject line


£2 per adult , accompanied children, (16 and under), free
(children, 16 and under, are only allowed in with a responsible adult)

We reserve the right to review the price of entry in the future


... we trust the concrete cows will be setting off early ...