Media Modelling - large


This is new show from HaMeX Events and one that explores 'the media' in all its forms

6th May 2018 at the usual HaMeX venue

However it is important to note that this isn't 'just' film and television, and certainly isn't 'just' science fiction and fantasy - though of course we are not excluded that!

But we want a much wider range of modelling subjects - as the logo says, not only Film and TV, but Books, Comics, the Theatre, Video Games and expanding media and publishing even wider - how about images that have appeared on Record Covers? What with digital files and downloads, the last could be thought of as a 'forgotten format', but vinyl has recently made a comeback, though as we know, it never really went away!

Below are just a few ideas that show the wide range of subject-matter you could tackle - from individual models of craft, vehicle and figures, to collections and dioramas

Yes there are some spaceships and aliens in there, but there's a lot more besides

This wide range is what we want for MEDIA MODELLING

Some more examples - from this year's


The Boeing 747 as flown by Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden (left)

Scrat and Manny (or maybe Ellie?) from Ice Age (right)


The Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean (left)


"Have you ever seen a Panther that is Pink?" - yep - here (right)

A touch of Hogwarts from Harry Potter (left)


Around the World in 80 Days - the old Adams kit (right)

The Dukes of Hazzard could supply many model ideas, (left),


But (right) how about the Grumman Duck (the ITC/Glencoe Kit) built as the star from the movie
Murphy's War

Even radio can give ideas, (left) here's Tony Archer's Little Grey Fergie tractor (the Heller kit) as from The Archers


On the other hand, (right) there's a vast amount of ideas with Japanese Robots!

The Minions (left) could create havoc or alternatively, create many options,


While (right) Number 6 is still "A Free Man"

(left) A scratchbuilt, 'Greased Lightning', as from Grease, (left). It would of course have also fitted into the previous show, AUTOMODELLISMO


And, (right) OK it's SF, but it's not all spaceships...


(left) Why not the theatre - it's all 'the media'? Here's a model with a difference of the Regency Theatre


Whereas (right) Wallace & Gromit - and Shawn the Sheep could provide countless ideas

The Finest hours

(left) Not all movie ships fly in space, here's one that floats on the ocean - the Glencoe kit of the US Coast Guard boat as from The Finest Hours

And (right) not all figures are from Star Trek or Alien... though sometimes The Three Stooges seemed pretty alien...

Three Stooges

OK, (left) science fiction, but also a 'car ' - the Space Chariot from Lost in Space


Whereas (right) this one was all set 'on Earth' but with 'SF elements' - Uncle Martin' and his spaceship from
My Favorite Martian

My Favorite Martian

(left) Not 'science fiction' but 'science fact' - the Apollo craft - as from the movie Apollo 13, (and of course - let us not forget - real life...)

(right) Mixing 'fact' and 'fiction' the underwater guise of the Lotus Elite from the Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me

OK it's Star Trek (left) but - with a nod to the previous show Extreme Weathering - so here's the Enterprise with, ahem, 'a bit of weathering'

While (right) - how about combing 'media' - here Wallace & Gromit - fly Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (sort of...)

Blakes 7

Yes (left) there will always be spaceships in science fiction - and it is the 40th anniversary of Blake's 7


But (right) these take ideas of planes and cars found in the W.E.Johns' Biggles books


This show replaces two of our previous shows - AUTOMODELLISMO and Extreme Weathering - though - as indicated above - there could be elements of both in MEDIA MODELLING

But - and very important - in no way does it 'replace' our major 'space, science fiction and fantasy' show smallspace